I-House Tour!

Howdy people!

With all the language students off to their first classes I though I would take a moment to show you guys I-House. This post will contain a bunch of pictures of I-House along with commentary about I-house and life here more generally.

2015-03-23 09.28.24

[My room!]

This picture was taken from the inside door of my room; behind me is my wardrobe, door to my bathroom, mini fridge/food storage shelf and the main door leading to the common areas. As you can see in the picture the room is not especially huge; but, like everything in Japan, comes with a lot of stuff packed into the space. There is so much storage space in this room that after unloading all of my luggage I barely filled 1/8 of the available space and had to go on a minor shopping spree to fill up some of the space and make it look less empty; as you can see by the goodies displayed on the right hand side of my room. The room also has air conditioning, which I suspect will be used a lot in the coming summer months, a desk, which has been mostly abandoned in favor of studying from bed, and a little balcony; which I use primarily for drying clothes. Overall I am a huge fan of the room; it is well organized and has pretty much everything I could ask for.

2015-03-11 11.41.06

[My Area’s kitchen!]

I-House has around 8ish kitchens each with its own set of stuff; including rice cookers, portable elements and jugs. Sharing kitchens can be busy at times but overall is pretty good; particularly as I seem to eat earlier than everyone else currently due to my diet. The only annoying thing about the kitchens is that the drying towel is about the size of a flannel and needs time to dry out between people, which it seldom has, or it is entirely useless at drying dishes.

2015-03-23 09.30.00

[The main entrance!]

Rather simple area used for general I-House meetings, parties and just general hanging out. The boxed cabinets you can see inside are for shoes; the area inside the two sets of doors contain mailboxes, umbrellas and a keypad for gaining entry to the house. From this picture you can also see the second level; which is much the same as the bottom level just for the upstairs residents.

2015-03-23 09.30.232015-03-23 09.30.36

[The gaming/TV room!]

As the name implies; this is pretty much to social gathering point of the house; containing a big TV for watching hilarious Japanese TV, various board/card games and a comp suite in the back there behind the green barrier. On the right there is also a smaller video gaming setup with a N64, Gamecube and Wii U; used primarily for playing smash. The room is almost constantly occupied and seems to be generally accepted as the place to go and relax, and often get drunk, in I-House.

2015-03-23 10.18.10

[Tatami room!]

A simple, quieter room away from other rooms where people go to chill and warm up at the kotatsu table.

2015-03-23 09.31.042015-03-23 09.30.57

Recycling and washing rooms!

Less exciting, but one thing you learn very, very quickly in Japan is that they are big on recycling. Each kitchen has a set of 6 bins; for burnables, non-burnables, plastics, plastic bottles, bottle caps and cans. Also, a washroom!

And that is pretty much the gist of it. I really like it here thus far and the people are awesome; particularly the students left over from last semester who are super helpful. The house is very social; but you still have places to escape to if you want some quiet time. Another awesome thing about I-House is that it is very centrally located; with the university, electronics store, groceries store and tonnes of restaurants within about 5 mins walk. So overall, I-House is just awesome!


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