The People of I-House.

Minami's Party

Here I will answer the oft asked question “have I made any friends at I-House and who are they?”. First I will preface this by saying I have met and often hang out with a lot of different people in I-House; far too many to properly list them all here. So instead I am going to list the three main groups of people I suspect will be hanging out with the most during my stay.

The first people I started talking too once I arrived was Alexx, Zane, Joe, Eric and David; who are a group of American students primarily from New Mexico all studying Japanese Language here at NUFS. I more or less immediately started hanging out with them as they were playing magic when I arrived and I love me my card games. They are also, except for Eric, all in their second semester here; so they are all immensely helpful and know a lot more about Japan/this area than I do. I pretty much immediately took a trip to Sakae and made a deck so I could play magic with them and will probably spend a lot of nights chilling out and tapping lands with these guys.

Another person I have befriended is Brittney. Brittney is one of the Australian students who arrived on the same plane I did; she is from Tasmania and studies Journalism and English. Brittney is probably the person I have spend the most time with; as we arrived together and just sort of ended up going most places together. She is also a lot quieter than most of the people in I-House; which I’ve come to appreciate amongst all the busyness that is life here. Brittney is also a lot better at Japanese than I am, which I know is a bit of a low bar, so it is nice to have someone around who can decipher things as well. I suspect as my studies start and I want a person I can study around or just generally go places with Brittney will likely be that person.

The last pair of people I actually have not actually talked to a lot, but I suspect I will end up spending a fair bit of time with is Amelia and Scott. Amelia is from the UK and studies Drama and English literature; but plans to be a foreign aid worker and has a keen interest in international politics. Scott is from the US and is an International Relations major who also, naturally, has an interest in international politics. Anyone who has spent any amount of time around me knows how much I love talking about politics and can probably guess why I suspect I will spend a fair bit of time talking to these two. Thus far I have only really had one, rather short, political conversation with these two but it was a blast and everyone seemed to enjoy it.

Again there are a lot of other people I spend time with at I-House and they are all super awesome, nice people; but those listed above are the main people I see myself spending lots of time with during the semester.


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